The Design Way

We are a design firm that is committed to making a positive impact on the world by improving the human experience. The company was started because of our love for people and design combined, and so people are the focus of what we do. We like to think from scratch, stay true to the process, craft authentic experiences and design “with” you not just “for” you.

Spaces & Designs

Every space has its own vibe and potential. We look into the potential of a space and design accordingly, be it your home, office or any digital space.

#20 Villa Valley

When the want was simple and classy at the same time, we decided to keep it minimal and use colors which resonates the client. The house was well lit and ventilated, which aligned with the nature and those were features we wanted to build.


The client wanted the process to be easy enough to package by in-house, even in large numbers. We explored different materials and combinations but finally decided to go ahead with a single layer packaging for the same reason.

The graphics were designed in such a way that the colors and illustrations are enough to help distinguish between the different variants (for the seller) and give a fair idea of the ingredients (for the buyer/ user)  without the need to read the details.


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