Innovation knows no constant.

Human habitats have evolved with civilization, led by needs for comfort, security, and livelihood.

Even several thousand years back, Romans and Harappans, Incas, and Persians used to live in scientifically designed and comfortable habitats, with sophisticated facilities such as running water, temperature control and hygienic sanitation. Aboriginal peoples, such as the Germanic, Native American, and African tribes too developed their own systems that worked with local ecology and occupational needs of the inhabitants.

In the modern world, however, we seem to have lost touch with these commonsense systems where the pressures of commercial gain and human density have driven us to lose the balance between value and quality of life, delivering neither.

Edifice aims to restore this balance in human habitats by optimizing both efficiency and experience. Our habitat ecosystems are conceived to not just deliver terrific return on investment and long-term growth but also enrich the sheer joy of living in those spaces.

Today, our habitat needs have changed from 10 years ago. And 10 years hence, we will need habitats with totally different features. This is a constantly evolving process because the only constant is change.

Edifice Labs

Efficiency to value

You get answers only by questioning everything.

A living space is a living, breathing, entity. It does not exist in isolation. It is connected with other such spaces around it, and through them, with the inhabitants, and their needs. The only way to create more value out of habitats is to increase their efficiency.

Only urban planners and administrators have control over external factors such as connectivity and infrastructure but there are several features that can be built into community design itself, so a cluster of living spaces can become highly efficient in terms of space, energy, resource and systems management. Such habitats are not just more value for money but also cheaper to maintain, and offer better long term capital gains.

We achieve this by digging deep into the needs of inhabitants, now and in the future.

By designing habitats that utilize synergies and integrate well with the community and the environment, we are literally able to pack more living in every cubic inch of space!

Experience Quality of Life

Your reality is only as good as you feel.

In the words of Kahlil Jibran, “Build of your imaginings a bower in the wilderness ere you build a house within the city walls.” What is a living space? Is it just a cluster of rooms and corridors? Or is it a place where you wake up happy, and go to sleep peacefully? Where your dream and your reality come together to complement and enhance your living experience? The negative pressures of human density, faulty habitat development, and urban mismanagement have led to a situation where basic human needs are being compromised. These can be overcome – at least at the micro-level of the immediate community – quite easily, by adopting best practices and technologies now readily available. We believe this needs to be a basic qualification for any habitat ecosystem we build. But that is not where we should stop. Innovation is neither expensive nor complex and there are many solutions that can integrate together to deliver a fulfilling and joyous living experience to all inhabitants, at little or no extra cost. The sense of community, the balance of quiet and excitement, the avenues of self expression, the abundance of ‘me time’ have no price. They do not cost much money to build, but are precious parts of the human living experience.

Edifice Labs


Achieving goals is infinitely harder than setting them.


How do we create new habitat ecosystems? By breaking accepted yet outdated norms, and reassembling habitat components to align with an evolving set of needs. Discover how our innovations give form to our vision.

A German designer’s fanatic pursuit of efficiency has created these truly spacious and high value homes, at a location that distances you from the chaos of city, yet connects you easily to its heart. Villa Valley features in-built urban farms in each villa that promises a lifetime resource of fresh, organic vegetables, with almost no effort from the residents. All rainwater is harvested and recycled water is reused to keep new water usage to the bare essentials, making this a highly sustainable, truly green community. The development features spacious social spaces that include a pool, gym, tennis court and a one of a kind musical bamboo corridor.


80 Edifice is a cutting edge commercial hub in Indiranagar, offering A Grade office spaces, with the aim to reduce set-up costs and promote entrepreneurs. It gives you state-of-the-art offices located in the hobnob IT hub of Bangalore at an affordable range with unparalleled amenities and an expression space to recreate and de-stress.




There are many aspects that determine our relationship with our habitats and it is important that our living spaces meet both functional and emotional needs. Whether it is creation of a community space or pursuing a passion, it is critical that where we live, work, and play adds to our living experience.

Lahe Lahe

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May.

Cities are not made of buildings – they are a cluster of habitat ecosystems, connected to each other through shared spaces where human interactions constantly happen. Historically, these spaces were owned by the community, and any member could use them to further their trade or passion, without having to pay for it. With the contemporary crunch of space in modern cities, these avenues of public interactions have disappeared. If you want to host a play, an exhibition or a round table, you need to pay a service provider for the space – say a hotel or auditorium – even if the event is for public good and free.

Lahe Lahe recreates this community space – equally for artists and inventors, experts and knowledge seekers, causes and followers – a nonjudgmental watering hole for the cities thinkers and doers, to come, express and absorb.

Lahe Lahe is a flexible, open space that can be quickly and efficiently partitioned for almost any application. Those booking spaces do not pay anything for the venue. All other amenities and business services can be sourced through approved service providers, easily accessible through the Lahe Lahe app.

Lahe Lahe – Real: Provides a physical, tangible and autonomous space that will act as a blank canvas by allowing people to leave behind their mark and capture all forms of expression.

Lahe Lahe – Virtual: Acts as a virtual space that will accommodate and engage different communities of people over virtual interfaces and develop frameworks that will enable innovative ways of sharing of expressions across cultures.


At Edifice, we believe that a collaborative approach and understanding the real needs of all stakeholders hold the key to creation of habitat ecosystems, that integrate enduring value with an enriching living experience.

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