About Lahe Lahe

What started off in 2016 as a terrace-only space for art, theatre, yoga, dance, music, and pottery, is now a wholesome space catering to anybody who wants to create, express, or simply live.

Spaces & Initiatives

An amalgamation of expressions : meetups, workshops, performance space, a charming pottery studio, Hearts Bazaar, gratitude wall, rooftop Makers Space, a cosy little room Om Lahe Lahe, and a Healing Room, Lahe Lahe is a carnival of expressions and well-being.




The Gratitude Wall

is a way to be grateful and give something back to the universe – our little corner to spread good vibes & gratitude, here you can leave things for strangers & see how powerful kindness can be! You can pay for a meal, drop those pretty earrings you’re bored of wearing or anything else that you don’t need but someone else might like to have 


Skill Exchange

Skill exchange is an initiative by Lahe Lahe which helps people to share their skills in exchange for another, facilitating a cashless transaction. It gives you a platform to share the skills you possess and acquire the ones you are in need of.

Lahe Lahe sets people free to express their true selves, offering a non-discriminatory, non-judgmental community space where ideas and audiences intermingle and enrich each other. Nothing is impossible. It’s, Lahe-Lahe.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Join over a thousands of people

Lahe Lahe is open to all kinds of artists.” Gender no bar, genre no bar, folks young and old – all of them find a voice at Lahe Lahe, a space that staunchly believes in being non-judgmental and all-inclusive. Come celebrate the uniqueness that shines through in all of us and value our imperfections for they make us who we are. The space lets you be you, be flaw-some and tells you to express yourself – always.” Above all, the space calls you to live slowly, slowly.

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