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We foresaw the need of a progressive development of the human kind, for them to be resilient in the face of a changing climate. And this can be achieved only by focusing on our ecosystem. We envision a space for everyone to grow their own farm and produce accordingly. Bringing back farming culture to urban space!

We call ourselves as urban refugees who holds our basic authenticity within ourselves. Looking for reducing the carbon footprint on this planet is our prime intention. We are a group of four, with common interest being nature and environment.

How Do We Execute?

one step at a time!

We imagined how the world would be if every family or house has a farm on terrace, balcony, backyard, garden and acres of unused concrete spaces, etc. And the planet would be greener again!
We convert these spaces into a farm by installing wicking beds, mulching methods, reusing plastic materials. Our aim is to produce the maximum number of edibles within a small area. You eat what you see.

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