An ecosystem that facilitates technological innovation and high precision manufacturing in the fields of aviation, defence and IT. The Airpark is specifically designed for small and micro enterprises. The intent is to create a collaborative market place and a community to take on challenges together.

The Purpose

The Airpark is here to help you build a base in India and provide you with closer access to the large Asian market.

the road map


The concept is designed for spaces between 5,000 sq.ft. to 20,000 sq.ft. The larger idea is to move towards collaborating and co-creating instead of just supplying individual components.


Clients will get access to 30 to 40 world class innovators in one location, enabling them to fulfill their various requirements. A cell will help them and handhold the initial introductions.

Upcoming projects

Mysore | Guwahati | Nagpur | Hosur

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